Government Inicitives

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Government Inicitives
1 Youth Sports Trust
1.1 Created to change kids' lives through sport
1.2 aims
1.2.1 1.Give every child a life with high quality p.e and sport
1.2.2 2. All kids have equal oppourtunity in sport
1.2.3 3.Support kids so they achieve their sporting best in school and life
1.3 Works for kids
2.1 encourages secondary schools to run sport of dance activities with partner primary schools
2.1.1 Was made to improve friendships between primary and secondary schools
2.2 Works for 14-16 year olds, works to include all ages
2.3 Aims
2.3.1 help kids from secondary schools work together with sport development officers So they can organise festivals and fun sport and dance for primary schools
3 Active kids programme
3.1 created to raise money to buy sports equipment for kids
3.1.1 and eduate them on what a healthy, active lifestyle is
3.2 works for kids
3.3 aims
3.3.1 to educate kids about what a healthy, active lifestyle is
4 Start, stay, succeed
4.1 Run by Sport England
4.2 aims
4.2.1 make England an active, successful sporting nation
4.2.2 creates oppourtunities for people in sport
4.3 Inicitives
4.3.1 start-increase participation in sport in order to improve the health of the nation, with a focus on priority groups
4.3.2 stay-retain people in sport through an effective network of clubs, sport facilities, coaches, volunteers and competitive oppourtunities
4.3.3 succeed- create oppourtunities for talented performers to achieve success
5 School sport partnership
5.1 controls all sport at schools under the government pesscl
5.2 partners with local authority
5.3 aims to increase the participation in sport of school kids of all ages
5.4 inicitive
5.4.1 kids have access to 5 hours of sport and physical activity
5.4.2 2 hours of p.e lessons, 3 hours out of school
5.4.3 want the greatest benefit for all young people and kids in every local authority
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