Case Study 5- Heathrow Airport- Third runway

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A case study of one planning issue. Consider the plans, stakeholders and reasons for conflict

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Case Study 5- Heathrow Airport- Third runway
1 Location:
1.1 Heathrow airport, London, UK
2 The plan:
2.1 3,500 metre runway to the North-west of the two current runways
2.1.1 Another option was to extend one of the existing runways to allow both take offs and landing
3 Rationale behind the project:
3.1 Heathrow airport is one of the world's busiest, It handled 70 million passengers last year
3.1.1 More than a third made a transfer to other flights which made it a major hub airport But, Heathrow airport operates mostly at 98% of its capacity within a current limit of 480,000 flights per year Which is much closer to the capacity of any other major London airports and rival hubs in Europe. Lack of spare capacity can mean delays and cancellations can be caused by small disruptions such as bad weather. When Heathrow switches to "Mixed mode", This makes both runways be used for arrivals or departures However, this would have major implications for noise levels around the airport.
4 Stakeholders
4.1 Stakeholders are people or groups of people who are interested/affected by the plans
4.2 Residents in Poyle:
4.2.1 Interested: The new runway would create loads of jobs for the local area Conflict: their houses will be destroyed and knocked down. They will have to move to new areas to live.
4.2.2 Local businesses: Interested: The local economy could bloom, Since more flights mean more people coming into the UK. There could be more business for local industries and a local positive multipler effect could start

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