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1 strange situation
1.1 secure attachment insecure resistant insecure avoidant
2 multiple attachments role of dad
3 Stages of attachment
3.1 Asocial- recognise and form bonds with carer but behaviour towards non humans and human is similer first few weeks
3.2 indiscriminate attachment- preference to famililar people, no stranger anxiety accept attention from anyone 2-7 months
3.3 specific attachment- primary attachment figure from 7 months old
3.3.1 multiple attachments- after primary attachment they can form new attachments by age of 1 most children have multiple attachments
4 Influences Internal Working model
4.1 rocky mountains newpaper secure attachment relationships lasted twice as long as insecure
5 Maternal deprivation
5.1 critical period, emotional harm and intellectual harm (Goldbarb)
5.2 44 thieves
6 Cross cultural differences
6.1 VK- 32 studies 8 countries- secure most common, cultural practises affect attachment
7 Instutionalisation
7.1 romaninan orphanages
7.1.1 intellectual- the longer they were there before they wereadopted the lower their IQ attachment effects- attention seeking, clinginess, indiscriminate social behaviour Zeanah
8 interactions
8.1 reciprocity
8.1.1 care giver and baby have intense interaction which is the basis of attachment and babies are alert for periods when they are ready for interaction Feldman and Eidelman- mothers normally respond to the alertness 2/3 of time
8.2 interactional synchrony
8.2.1 coordination on micro social level. actions and emoitons mirror eachother
9 Animal studies
9.1 Harlow: monkeys
9.2 lorenz: imprinting (attach) to the first thing they see moving after hatching and follow it
9.2.1 critical period first few hours and it is automatic
10 Bowlby's theory
10.1 claimed humans imprint
10.1.1 evolved to attach to main care giver- usually mother having special attachment monotropy- this attachment to survive because staying close to mother ensures food and survival strong attahcment is a safe base for confidence to explore and gives us a template for future relationships to trust other cricital period of first 3 years to attach this way or they may never do if there is no attachment it may damage the child's social and emotional development
11 attachment- a close emotional relationship between infants and care givers
12 attached- infants show desire to be close to primary care giver and distress when seperated and pleasure when reunited
13 Maccoby
13.1 seeking proximity distress on separation joy on reunion orientation of behaviour towards other people
14 Learning theory
14.1 Behaviourist theory
14.1.1 operant conditions- Dollard and Miller- removal of discomfort negative reinforcment
14.1.2 Classical condtion- Watson Raynor, association
14.2 SLT
14.2.1 Vicarious reinforcment
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