Institution Names

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Institution Names

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Institution Names
  1. Popular Records
    1. The name 'Popular' was deciphered from the genre 'Pop', by doing this it allows the record name to be easily remembered as it correlates to our chosen music genre.
    2. Mercury Networks
      1. 'Mercury Networks' enhances the ideology of creating the unexpected. Connecting our record label with being able to produce something that no others have.
      2. WSJM Records
        1. WSJM is an acronym of our groups names; Wilson/Seun/Jamie/Maisie. It is quick and simple thereby making it easy to remember due to it being so minimal.
        2. Prodigy Records
          1. The word 'Prodigy' highlights an exceptional quality, especially one out of the ordinary course of nature. By associating this word with our record name it indicates our label to be an up and coming mastermind to the audience.
          2. Twister Networks
            1. The word 'Twister' has connotations of being big and bold, it has an association with large scale world impacts. This implicates the idea we have the potential to achieve something of the same magnitude.
            2. Thorecords
              1. 'Thor' is derived from the greek mythological god. Therefore it influences the audience to believe our label to be omnipotent and dominant in the industry.
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