The Impact Of Industrialisation On Living Conditions, Health & Hygiene

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GCSE History (The History Of Medicine) Mind Map on The Impact Of Industrialisation On Living Conditions, Health & Hygiene, created by livmills97 on 04/05/2014.

Created by livmills97 over 5 years ago
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The Impact Of Industrialisation On Living Conditions, Health & Hygiene
1 1700 onwards = Industrial Revolution
2 People worked in bigger groups and in factories.
3 More and more machines were invented to help the manufacturing industries = larger factoried were set up
4 Factories needed more workers = factory towns and villages grew rapidly
5 Workers (badly paid) could not afford good housing.
5.1 Either crammed into old buildings (often more than one family to a room.
5.2 Or new houses were built cheaply for them.
5.3 Town houses were often built on a back-to-back system.
5.3.1 Sometimes built around a courtyard. Courtyards were unpaved and became muddy and contaminated with sewage. Waste was piled in the courtyard or thrown into streams.
6 There was little provision for fresh water or sewage disposal.
7 The government had a policy of laissez-faire.
8 Houses were verminated, badly ventilated and overcrowded.
9 Wells and watercourses quickly became polluted.
10 Industry made problems worse. Factory chimneys belched smoke and fumes into the air and other waste products from factories polluted the rivers

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