Public Health
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Public Health
1 Dirt, disease and public health: nature of the problem
1.1 Impact of industrial revolutions on living conditions
1.2 significance of increasing and mobile population for public health
1.3 Theories of disease
1.4 Exploring source material: problems in establishing an effective public health system
1.5 Public health provision before 1848
2 Cholera
2.1 Epidemics of: 1831-2, 1848-9, 1853-4, 1866-7
2.2 Reactions of the Board of Health and local boards
2.3 Role of John snow and the pressure for reform
2.4 Importance of Edwin Chadwick in the debate for change
2.5 Using source material to evaluate the importance of the individual
2.6 Joseph Bazalgette
3 legislation
3.1 Connection between the Poor Law and public health
3.2 The significance if the reoprt on the Sanitary conditions of the Labouring Populations of Great Britain 1842 by Chadwick. His impact on the 1844 Report of the Royal Commission into the Sanitary conditions of Large Towns and Populous Districts, and the Health of Towns Association
3.3 The 1848 Public Health Act - its significance and implementation
3.4 The need for later legislation 1858 and 1866 and the impact of these Acts
3.5 Exploring source material: Opposition to public health provision
4 Interrelationship of factors
4.1 1875 Public Health Act: why was it necessary?
4.2 Improved inderstanding about the nature and transmission of disease
4.3 Changing attitudes to state intervention (Laissez-faire)
4.4 Civil engineering, new technologies and possiblities
4.5 Exploring source material: A local study on public health provision e.g. Leeds or Exeter
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