Systems & Control Mechanisms

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A mindmap of most of the mechanisms with uses and images.

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Systems & Control Mechanisms
1 Rotary Mechanisms
1.1 Worm and Wheel
1.1.2 This mechanism is irreversible but it gives a massive increase in torque.
1.1.3 Uses include helicopter winches
1.2 Crown and Pinion
1.2.2 This mechanism is reversible and does result in a change in torque. However that depends on which input gear is used.
1.2.3 Uses include hand-drills
1.3 Bevel Gears
1.3.1 Uses include the millstones in wind-mills
1.3.2 This mechanism is reversible and can sometimes change torque. That depends on the sizes of the input and output bevel gears.
2 Linear Mechanisms
2.1 Rack and Pinion
2.1.2 This mechanism is reversible, however torque is not changed.
2.1.3 Uses include the steering for cars.
2.2 Leadscrew
2.2.2 This mechanism is not reversible at all, however there is a huge increase in torque.
2.2.3 Uses include a car-jack
3 Reciprocating Mechanisms
3.1 Crank and Slider
3.1.2 This mechanism can be reversed and it works at any angle. Torque is irrelevant.
3.1.3 Uses include the inside of a car engine where they work as pistons.
3.2 Cam and Follower
3.2.1 This mechanism is not reversible. It does not work at every angle unless if a spring is fitted to the follower.
3.2.3 Uses include oil pumps.
4 Oscillating Mechanisms
4.1 Crank and Lever
4.1.2 This mechanism is reversible and it can work at any angle. Torque can be changed by changing the distance between the lever's fixed pivot and it's moving pivot.
4.1.3 Uses include car windscreen-wipers
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