Her First Ball

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GCSE English Mind Map on Her First Ball, created by kitty.kat.k on 04/06/2014.

Created by kitty.kat.k over 5 years ago
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Her First Ball
1 Fairy tale
1.1 Superficial
1.2 Opening
1.2.1 'waltzing lamp-posts'
1.2.2 Constrasts to later message
1.2.3 connotes Cinderella 'first partner was the cab'
2 Leila's Nature
2.1 Inexperienced
2.1.1 'wisps' Delicacy/Innocence double 's'
2.1.2 Preserve moment 'only the beginning of her last ball'
2.1.3 Childlike 'more pork' Sudden, extreme emotions 'die' 'rush' Dynamic Unable to control emotions 'frosted spoon...iced too!' Exclamation Image of a girl
2.2 Excitement
2.2.1 'hard...to be indifferent to the others!' Exclamation
2.2.2 'she tried' Repeated twice Struggle to remain composed
2.2.3 'float' Dream-like
2.2.4 personified flags 'talking' 'quivering' Reflection of Leila
3 Old Man
3.1 Contrasts
3.1.1 Conversation Sensitive 'your first dance isn't it?' Realistic 'before long you'll be sitting up there'
3.1.2 Apperance 'dusty with French chalk' Evokes school Reality Diminishes beauty of the night
3.1.3 Movement 'walked' Ponderous/cautious <>'seized' 'flying' Confident/energetic
3.2 Mesage
3.2.1 'Black ebony' (fan)
3.2.2 'Wisps' fragile Foreshadow inevitable decay Ironic-used to preserve
3.2.3 forshadowed Stilted conversations 'oh quite!' Empty exclamation Ball is commonplace 'tiny pause'
3.2.4 'floated away like a flower that is tossed into a pool' blossomed Beauty Will decay Adult-hood Independent Not Ready 'begged' 'sobbed'

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