2g- Importance of accurate mental models

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2g- Importance of accurate mental models
  1. E.G. Keyboard short cuts
    1. Ctrl + Z - looks like scribbling something out
      1. Ctrl + X - Looks like crossing something out
        1. Ctrl + C - for copy
          1. Ctrl + V - Arrow looks like inserting something into a place.
          2. E.G. Print dialouge
            1. Images to illustrate options such as one sided or double sided printing
              1. Spinners where arrow up means increasing and arrow down means decreasing
                1. Some users may be familiar with underlined text being hyperlinks while other may not be and think it is just a subtitle.
                2. Benefits
                  1. O- System relies on previous experience
                    1. O- Quick learning and better productivity due to faster thinking time
                  2. Consequences of not using mental model
                    1. X- More difficult training => More costs
                      1. X- User has no experience with system's concepts, has to learn from scratch
                        1. X- Difficult, Time-consuming, Frustrating
                        2. X- Decreased productivity
                          1. X- Less purchasing of system => Financial loss
                            1. X- Lack of consistency gives no opportunity to use previous experiences
                              1. X- Conflicting experiences in mental models can cause confusion
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