Mrs. Lyons

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A brief explanation of why Mrs. Lyons is Batsh*t crazy

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Mrs. Lyons
1 Lonely
1.1 Housewife
1.1.1 Rarely sees her husband due to his busy job
1.1.2 Busies herself with materialistic things such as pampering shopping to avoid the overwhelming loneliness she feels
1.2 Unable to conceive children
1.2.1 Thus left alone in a big house Which becomes a constant reminder of her inability to provide children and a family for her husband Feels ashamed she is unable to perform the one task all husbands expect from their wives
1.3 Coldhearted
1.3.1 Lacks the innate instincts and love a mother holds So awkward around Eddie Does not know what to do or say
1.3.2 Finds it hard to be affectionate towards others It does not help that her husband is rarely home
2 Wealthy
2.1 However dependant on her successful businessman husband
2.1.1 She has no job of her own Does not do housework Why Mrs.Johnstone is hired
2.2 She is an inconsiderate, pampered but dependant individual
3 Self-centred
3.1 Uses others for her personal gain
3.1.1 After Mrs.Johnstone hands over Eddie she discards her like a piece of unwanted trash
3.1.2 Manipulates Mrs. Johnstone by preying on her weak uneducated and superstitious mind
4 Overprotective
4.1 Overprotective mother
4.1.1 Constantly worried and anxious for Eddie
4.1.2 Tries to shield Eddie from the world and mainly people like Mrs. Johnstone and Mickey who she had no intentions for Eddie to mix with
5 Anxious
5.1 Overcome by anxieties and suspicions later on
5.1.1 Anxiety leads her to become unreasonable Tries to attack Ms. Johnstone Screams that Eddie is hers
5.2 Perhaps the results of excessive loneliness
5.2.1 Or loveless life?
6 Persuasive
6.1 Persuades Mrs.Johnstone to give her a child
6.1.1 Through guilt, pressure and blackmail Plays on other people's fear Uses Mrs. Johnstone's belief in superstition against her
6.2 Persuades Mr Lyons to move them away
6.2.1 Plays on his fear He fears she has become irrational and mad

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