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Outline of enzymes in general.

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Biological Definitions
Biology- Genes and Variation
Laura Perry
GCSE AQA Biology - Unit 2
James Jolliffe
Biology B2.2
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1PR101 2.test - Část 18.
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Biology B2.3
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Biology 2b - Enzymes and Genetics
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GCSE Biology, Module B4
Enzymes and Respiration
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enzymes and the organ system
1 Biological Catalyst
1.1 Speed up reaction without being affected itself.
2 All end in -ase
2.1 Protease
2.1.1 Breaks down proteins into amino acids Stomach and Small intestine pH2 in stomach alkaline pH in small intestine.
2.2 Lipase
2.2.1 Breaks down fats into fatty acids and glycerol Small Instestine Alkaline pH
2.3 Amalayse
2.3.1 Breaks down starch into sugars Small intestine and Mouth pH 7/8
3 Very Specific
3.1 pH
3.1.1 Denatures over optimum pH.
3.2 temperature
3.2.1 best at 37 degrees - body temp
3.2.2 Starts to slow down at 40 degrees
3.2.3 over optimum temp - denatures.
4 Bile
4.1 Made by Liver
4.2 Stored in the Gall Bladder
4.3 Alkaline
4.4 Emulsifies fats
4.4.1 big droplets to small droplets Bigger surface area - enzymes break down fats faster.
5 Active site
5.1 'Lock and Key'
5.1.1 Only one enzyme for each type of active site.
5.2 Substrate
5.3 Denatures- Active site is deformed due to different conditions.

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