(AQA A2) Biology - Energy Transfer: Photosynthesis

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This mindmap encompasses the new specification of AQA Biology; first started teaching in 2015.

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(AQA A2) Biology - Energy Transfer: Photosynthesis
1 Chloroplast
1.1 Have Disc Like Structures called Thylakoids.
1.2 Stacks of Thylakoids are called Grana
1.3 Have a Fluid substance within; called Stroma
1.4 Adjacent Granas are linked by Lamella
2 Keywords
2.1 Oxidation is gain of electrons
2.2 Reduction is lost of electrons.
2.3 Photoionisation is where a chlorophyll becomes positively charged as it loses two electrons when absorbing light.
2.4 Photolysis is the breakdown of water to release proton, electrons and oxygen.
3 Light Independent Cycle
3.1 Occurs in the Stroma
3.2 Known as the Calvin Cycle
3.3 (STEP !) Carbon Dioxide reacts with RuBP (Ribulose Bisphosphate)
3.3.1 Produces 2 GP (Glycerate 3-Phosphate)
3.3.2 Catalysed by the Enzyme Rubisco (Ribulose Bisphosphate Carboxylase)
3.4 (STEP 2) GP is reduced to Triose Phosphate
3.4.1 Requires reduced NADP (from light-dependent Reaction) and ATP
3.4.2 SOME Triose Phosphate are CONVERTED into useful Organic Substances
3.4.3 MOST Triose Phosphate is CONVERTED into Glucose.
3.4.4 SOME Triose Phosphate is USED to regenerate RuBP
3.5 Can be Investigated using Radioactively Labelled CO2
4 Light Dependent Reaction
4.1 Occurs in Thylakoid Membrane
4.2 (STEP 1) Chlorophyll absorb light energy, and electrons move up energy levels, leaving the Chlorophyll.
4.3 (STEP 2) Electrons are taken up by Electron Carriers, and transferred along the ETC (Electron Transfer Chain)
4.3.1 The electrons, as they go down lower energy levels, release energy; which is used for ATP
4.4 Photolysis takes place.
4.4.1 Proton and electrons produced, is used to reduce NADP into reduced NADP
5 Rate of Photosynthesis
5.1 Factors
5.1.1 Light Intensity
5.1.2 Carbon Dioxide Concentration
5.1.3 Temperature
5.1.4 Availability of Water in Soil
5.2 The Factor that limiting Photosynthesis is the Limiting Factor
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