Outline and evaluate one social psychological theory of aggression

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Outline and evaluate one social psychological theory of aggression
1 Can use Social Learning Theory or Deindividuation.
1.1 Deindividuation= process where normal constraints on behaviour are weakened as a person loses their sense of individuality
1.1.1 Anonymity- Deindividuation- Aggression
1.1.2 Research Support: Zimbardo- guards with glasses, anonymous so became very aggressive. Mann: Study on crowd baiting, looked at 21 suicides and in 10 cases crowds urged victim to jump.
1.2 SLT= Idea that we learn through observation. three stages: Observation, Vicarious reinforcement and imitation
1.2.1 Study support Bandura: Bobo Doll Study and found that children imitated behaviour of models when seeing them hit a doll violently. Noble argues that there are demand characteristics because he observed a child from the stdudy say "look mummy there's the doll we are meant to hit."
2 Issues with SLT
3 Issues with Deindividuation
3.1 Johnson and Downing: Nurses in uniforms gave less shocks than people in hoodies etc. This criticises the theory because they state that any uniform should cause deindividuation.
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