Bayonet Charge - Ted Hughes

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Bayonet Charge - Ted Hughes
1 "Suddenly he awoke"
1.1 Which is the dream world?
1.2 He is waking into another nightmare
1.3 Reader is put straight into the action
2 "King, honour, human dignity, ecetera
2.1 Heard it all before
2.2 Dismissive of all of these things - They are no longer important
2.3 Suggests he is recalling all of the things that he was bombarded with by propaganda
3 "Lugged a rifle as numb as an arm"
3.1 Weapons are now part of his body
3.1.1 Shows the dehumanization of war - turning him in to a killing machine
3.1.2 Simile
4 Repetition of "h" sound
4.1 Reflects his heavy breathing
5 The poem tries to step inside the body and mind of a soldier experiencing one of the most horrific acts of war.
5.1 The soldier is going "over the top" and is using a Bayonet - (a long knife attached to the end of a rifle.
5.2 At the end of the poem he realises that all the moral justifications are ultimately unimportant. He is no longer a person but a weapon and a playing piece in the game of war.
6 Comparison
6.1 Futility
6.1.1 Uses the contrast between war and nature, to express their feelings
6.1.2 BC is about dying whereas F is about mourning.
6.2 Belfast Confetti
6.2.1 Both use form and structure to show energy and chaos of conflict.
6.2.2 Presents feelings of fear and confusion.
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