Narratives Of The Self

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Narratives Of The Self
  1. Le Coeur à Rire et à Pleurer: Maryse Condé
    1. Les Mots Pour Le Dire: Marie Cardinal
      1. Thèmes
        1. Répression
          1. Pg 4. Les mots qui passerait
            1. Importance of the title
      2. L'ami Qui Ne M'a Pas Sauvé La Vie: Herve Guibert
        1. Themes
          1. Friendship
            1. Muzil/Foucault's death is described in detail
              1. Refused to see doctor when diagnosed [Discipline & Punish]
                1. Had to see doctor when he got really ill = due to prolific criticism of hospitals/schools/prisons as takers of identity, his worst fear becomes true; but resists through use of coloured scrubs & slippers
                2. Pessimistic
                  1. He was writing a book whilst dying
                  1. Betrayal
                    1. Bill
                      1. The friend who doesn't save Guibert's life
                        1. Pharmaceutical Exec who talks about AIDS vaccine trial
                      2. AIDS/Illness
                        1. 6. Rumours of AIDS origin - monkeys, sorcerers [Muzil]
                          1. There was a great ignorance of AIDS in 80s & 90s - How it started + How to get rid of it
                            1. Use of language to describe AIDS progression
                              1. 4. Pacman + T4 cells = Accessible description so gen. pub. understand
                                1. 17. Military = Aggressiveness of disease
                                  1. 17. Dilapidated hospital described as reminiscent of Dachau concentration camp
                            2. La Pudeur Ou L'impudeur
                              1. Persépolis
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