Specialised Cells

Luke Marney
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Gives the function, adaptation and location a handful of specialised cells you need to know for GCSE.

Luke Marney
Created by Luke Marney over 5 years ago
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Specialised Cells
1 Leaf Cell
1.1 Function
1.1.1 Absorbs light energy for photosynthesis
1.2 Adaptation
1.2.1 Are packed with Chloroplasts. Regular shaped, closely packed layer of cells form a continuous layer for efficient absorption of sunlight
1.3 Where?
1.3.1 In the leaves of a plant such as a tree or a bush
2 Root hair cell
2.1 Function
2.1.1 Absorbs water and mineral ions from soil
2.2 Adaptation
2.2.1 Long and 'hair like' with very thin wall for large surface area
2.3 Where?
2.3.1 In the roots of plants such as trees or flowers. Not hair.
3 Sperm cell
3.1 Function
3.1.1 Fertilises egg cell (Female gamete)
3.2 Adaptation
3.2.1 Head Contains genetic information and enzyme to penetrate egg cell
3.2.2 Middle section Packed with mitochondria for energy
3.2.3 Tail Moves the sperm to the egg
4 Red blood cell
4.1 Function
4.1.1 Carry oxygen to cells
4.2 Adaptation
4.2.1 Contains haemoglobin (which binds to oxygen to form oxyhaemoglobin)
4.2.2 No nucleus More room for haemoglobin
4.2.3 Thin outer membrane Allows oxygen to diffuse easily
4.2.4 Shape Increase surface area to carry more oxygen
4.3 Where?
4.3.1 Blood vessels in humans and animals