Greenhouse Gases

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Greenhouse Gases
  1. Local Impacts
    1. factories and power plants create economic success
      1. Chinese get wealthier
        1. car ownership increase as does smog
        2. burn fossil fuels
          1. cause acid rain
        3. China
          1. Southeast Asia along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean, China is the world's third largest country
            1. 16/20 most polluted cities are in China
              1. unsustainable growth
                1. massive impact on environment
                2. economy is rapidly growing
                  1. Fewer people live in poverty
                    1. standard of living is increasing
                  2. Enhanced Greenhouse Effect
                    1. carbon cycle out of balance
                      1. forest/coal reserves of carbon going into atmosphere
                        1. atmosphere absorbs more heat
                          1. human activity significantly increased levels of Co2
                            1. To keep surface temperature 15 degrees , natural process must prevail
                            2. Global Impacts
                              1. carbon is mobile
                                1. stores- carbon sinks
                                  1. steel and cement needed due to industries increasing
                                    1. needed for building of new cities
                                    2. building power stations
                                      1. industrial growth requires power
                                        1. Burn coal
                                          1. release more carbon dioxide
                                      2. Nitrogen Dioxide
                                        1. emission increased by 50% since 1995
                                          1. 400,000 die each year due to pollution
                                            1. when fossil fuels are burnt, No2 creates breathing problems
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