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GCSE additional science enzymes.

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  1. protein acts as a structural components of tissue (e.g muscle), hormones and antibodies.
    1. Enzymes are all made from up of chains of amino acids.
    2. They usally only catalyse one reaction.
      1. Because for the enzyme to work, the substance has to fit a special shape.
        1. Every enzyme has a unique shape that fits onto the substance involved in a reaction.
          1. If the substance doesn't match the enzyme shape, the reaction won't be catalysed.
          2. If the temperature is too hot, some of the bonds holing the enzyme together break. This destroys the enzyme shape, so it won't react.
            1. If Ph levels are too high/low they can change shape
              1. Enzymes in the human body work at 37 degrees
                1. Most enzymes work at Ph 7 (neutral), but Pepsin works best at Ph 2in the stomach, well suited for the acidic condition.
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