The Leading Cause of Death

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The Leading Cause of Death
1 Problem
1.1 The major cause of death found worldwide is known as pollution
1.1.1 It has killed 8.9 million out of 9 million people who died in 2012 according to the World Health Organization Of the 8.9 million people killed 8.4 million resided in low- and middle- income countries 1 million from chemicals and contaminated soil and Water 3.7 milllion deaths caused from contaminated outdor air 4.2 million deaths caused by particulates exposure in indoor air from cooking stoves 840,000 succumbed to poor sanitation according to the Global Alliance fro Health and Pollution
1.1.2 Why? The World Health Organization considers pollution as a risk factor- a threat to human health acts as a catalyst it increases the rates of theses disease above normal it causes heart disease, chest infections, cancers, respiratory diseases or diarrhea kills one for every seven that die. It causes more death and disease than malaria, AIDs and tuberculosis combined there is an uncertain range of chemicals that may be causing serious disease especially in children
2 Solutions
2.1 Spread the message about pollution's effect on people's health and the world
2.2 invest in technologies that are more profitable, and are inherently cleaner
2.3 change the type of diesel fuel/oil that vehicles are allowed to burn
2.4 Introduce a new cook stove to a needy community
2.5 Design and build a treatment plan
2.6 focus on the most important problems first
2.7 Spend more money on solutions rather than studies and clean-up missions. If we pay attention more to clean up than the pollutant will keep coming so you have to stop the problem from its roots.
3 Connections
3.1 When it was stating a realistic fiction story about the family who live in poor conditions but have no other choice due to budget problems reminded me of the family we read from the article named "This is Where Your Smartphone Battery Begins"
3.2 The statistics from the World Health Organization that stated that of those who died 3.7 were outdoor and 4.2 were indoor reminded me of when we learned in class that indoor air pollution is more dirty than outdoor
3.3 When it was stating in the article about what it causes it reminded me of lesson 18-4 and the pollutants organizer since there are so many pollutants out in the air each one has its own human health effect
3.4 When in the article it states "developing countries have to go through a pollution phase in order to become a developed country" reminded me of unit one chapter six when we learned about the four stages of the Demographic Transition, in which the population of a country can experience when it becomes industrialized
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