Chapter 17

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Chapter 17
  1. Using the internet for research
    1. Advantages
      1. Quicker way for a business to get information
        1. If the information is avalible electronically it is easier for the business to edit it and to place it in its own documents.
          1. It is easier to obtain information about competitors.
          2. Disadvantages
            1. It can be expensive.
              1. The research may not be up to date.
                1. The business should only use research that has been conducted in a similar locality
              2. Having a website
                1. Advantages
                  1. Having a website or being featured on a website, can give a business a global presense
                    1. Having a website means that they can realistically serve a wide area.
                    2. Disadvantages
                      1. Cost can be high
                        1. To run the stock control systems and booking systems. These take a lot of time to develop.
                          1. Secure systems are needed to allow customers to pay for goods and services, so that other people cannot access their information.
                            1. Not all customers wish to use a website and if that becomes the norm for that business the on- technically minded customers may go elsewhere.
                          2. Using the internet for communication via email.
                            1. Advantages
                              1. Emails arrive quick after they are sent.
                                1. Businesses can communicate easily with their customers regardless of where they live.
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