An Inspector Calls - Eric Birling

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Created by rosannazolna over 5 years ago
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An Inspector Calls - Eric Birling
1 What does he represent?/ What is his Character like?
1.1 Who is he?
1.1.1 He is the son of Mr and Mrs Birling
1.1.2 He is a heavy drinker
1.1.3 He is the father of the child
1.2 Since he defies his parents he could represent the changing ideals of the new younger generation.
1.2.1 He turns from his parents political philosophy of Capitalism to Priestley's socialist ideals.
1.3 Key Quotes
1.3.1 I'd have let her stay Declarative sentance - Sounds very definate or a young man who hasn't accomplished much "I'd" - Voices his opinion very readily however he is not the head of the household, This is not how he would be expected to behave.
1.3.2 "He could have kept her on instead of throwing her out." Refers to his father as " he" which is quite rude. He also sympathizes with the working classes.
2 How is he presented?
2.1 Start?
2.1.1 Nervous wreck?
2.1.2 Confused?
2.1.3 Spoilt?
2.1.4 Childish?
2.1.5 Alcoholic?
2.1.6 Immature?
2.2 End?
2.2.1 Socialist?
2.2.2 Reflective?
2.2.3 Culpable?
2.2.4 Matured?
2.2.5 Effected?
3 His involvement in the suicide
3.1 He met Eva Smith in the same bar as Gerald.
3.1.1 Neither of them would be expected to be in a bar picking up girls.
3.2 He was drunk and expected Eva Smith to have sex with him and when she didn't want him to come in he nearly turned violent.
3.2.1 Irresponsible
3.3 They met up again later and conceived a child together.
3.3.1 He isn't sensible
3.3.2 He is not responsible enough to be a Father
3.4 He stole money from Mr Birling to help Eva Smith.
3.4.1 He is not very self - sufficient
3.4.2 He cannot ask his Father for help and his alcoholism could root from his lack of affection

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