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Natasha Hadfield
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1 Animal
1.1 1) Nucleus; contains DNA
1.1.1 2) Cytoplasm; gel-like substance, chemical reactions occur 3) Cell membrane; holds cell together, controls what goes in & out 4) Mitochondria; where reactions for respiration take place {releases energy for the cell to work} Plant Plant
1.1.2 Plant
2 Plant
2.1 4) Ridged cell walls; supports cell, made of cellulose
2.1.1 5) Large Vacuole; contains cell sap 6) Chloroplasts; photosynthesis occurs, contains chlorophyll
3 Bacteria
3.1 1) Chromosomal DNA; controls activities and replication, floats in cytoplasm
3.1.1 2) Plasmids; extra DNA (not part of chromosomes), contain genes 3) Flagellium; rotates to make bactirium move, like a tail 4) Cell Wall, supports cell
4 Cells are studied using microscopes
4.1 Light Microscopes; invented in the 1590s
4.2 Electron Microscopes; invented in the 1930s (let you see smaller things in more detail than light microscopes
4.3 Calculate magnification; length of image ---------------------------------- length of specimin