The Internet and E-Commerce

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GCSE Business Studies (Chapter 16/17 - The Internet and e-commerce) Mind Map on The Internet and E-Commerce, created by Jamie Flain on 02/03/2017.

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The Internet and E-Commerce
  1. E - commerce
    1. Conducting of business online
      1. How a Business Measure Success:
        1. Business measures success by: profit, review, market shares, expansion, share prices, level of service and demand
        2. Types of E--commerce:
          1. Online business transaction, Online sale transaction, Digital delivery of products, online merchandise, Automated telephone transactions, EFTPOS transactions
          2. How Businesses use the internet:
            1. From the internet: Research, Communication, Obtaining, Online Shopping, Bookings and Auctions
            2. Online Bookings:
              1. Train tickets, cinemas or holiday, checking avaliablity of seats and prices, auctions, lots of ways to buy and sell.
            3. Advantages
              1. Open 24 hours a day,
                1. everyone is able to see the products the company is selling
                  1. Faster with a higher demand
                  2. Disadvantges
                    1. Could be an inconvinence to return unwanted items
                      1. Chance of fraud
                        1. Increase Competition
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