Map Icons

Danika Hogg
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Danika Hogg
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Year 11 Graphics Mind Map on Map Icons, created by Danika Hogg on 02/05/2017.

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Map Icons
  1. User - Centered Design
    1. Where
      1. Between Botanic Gardens and East Shores
        1. Family Friendly Area
          1. Cinema's
            1. Sports
              1. Basketball
                1. Soccer
                  1. Netball
                    1. Baseball
                    2. East Shores
                      1. Museium
                        1. Shopping Center
                          1. Food areas
                            1. Gift shop
                        2. What
                          1. Map Of Gladstone
                          2. Cultural And Relegious Considerations
                            1. No Written Language
                              1. Visual Language Only
                                1. Simple Design
                                  1. Steriotypically seen symbol
                              2. Elements And Principles of design
                                1. Line
                                  1. A pointer to symbolise where it is on the map
                                    1. Be able to identify the location
                                  2. Colour/Form
                                    1. Two distinct colours on each icon
                                      1. Simple design
                                    2. Shape
                                      1. Image to identify what the icon is pointing to
                                        1. Easily identify what is at the location
                                      2. Proportion
                                        1. The icon is always directly center of the shape
                                          1. To give the artisit enough space to draw the image
                                            1. To draw attention
                                        2. Technologies
                                          1. Drawing Tools
                                            1. Test copies of icons
                                              1. To get the best overall design
                                            2. Printers
                                              1. 2D print out/renders of Map
                                            3. Legal Responsibilities
                                              1. Intellectual Property
                                                1. Creating original idea's for icons
                                              2. Design Statergies
                                                1. Brainstorming
                                                  1. Lot of idea's for icons
                                                  2. Research
                                                    1. Skectch Concept ideas
                                                      1. Final Drawings
                                                  3. Materials
                                                    1. Visual Representations of Materials
                                                      1. Paper
                                                        1. Snipping Tool
                                                      2. Project Managment
                                                        1. Resource Managment
                                                          1. Do not use the whole book
                                                          2. Planning And Reveiwing Milestones
                                                            1. Gantt Chart
                                                              1. Be able to set milestones for when something is to be completed
                                                            2. Time Monitoring
                                                              1. Gantt Chart
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