All My Sons - Context

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All My Sons - Context
1 Based on a true story of a woman who turned her father in for supplying defective parts to the army
2 Miller took two and a half years to write the play. When he started in 1945 he was 30 years old
3 At the time there was a change in the role of women as they were offered more jobs due to men being in the war
4 Money was more and more important at the time, finance was a big part of life which was the opposite of make do and mend
5 A military minded person had pride, respect, self discipline, emotional detachment and didn't question authority
6 There was a lot of death occuring at the time. People were not returning home from the war and that left gaps in families
7 Communism, consumerism and capitalism. The period of the play coincides with the development of the idea of "The American Dream"
8 18 years previous the Wall Street Crash heralded 10 years of depression throughout America. Miller's father lost his business and the failure of capitalism is shown throughout All My Sons

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