Influences on Self Government

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February 10, 2017

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Influences on Self Government
  1. Thomas Hobbes
    1. All people are born with certain rights.
    2. John Locke
      1. (Natural rights)
        1. People have rights that the government can not take away.
        2. Montesquieu
          1. (3 branches of government)
            1. Division of power.
            2. Magna Carta
              1. AKA "Great Charter"
                1. 1215
                  1. Led to first limited government
                    1. The government must obey a setof laws
                    2. Democracy
                      1. Practiced by the Greeks, long before the British Empire.
                        1. A Democracy is when people rule by voting or voicing opinion.
                        2. Republic
                          1. Used by Ancient Romans
                            1. A Republic is when the people elect representatives to vote for them.
                            2. English Bill of Rights
                              1. Limited power of monarch.
                                1. Could no tax without parliament's consent.
                                  1. Gave citizens rights:
                                    1. Speedy Trial
                                      1. Petition Government
                                        1. No Unusual Government
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