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Inspector callsCharacters
1 Inspector
1.1 arrives unexpectedly
1.2 An Outsider
1.2.1 "the rude way he spoke to Mr B and me - it was quite extraodinary
1.3 A socialist
1.3.1 "Public men, Mr Birling, have repsonsibilites as well as priviledges"
1.3.2 "A chain of events"
1.3.3 "taught in fire blood and anguish"
1.3.4 Priestley mouth piece
1.4 Authoritative
1.4.1 "All in good time"
1.5 Moral
1.5.1 we don't" live alone. were members of one body"
1.6 catalyst of the paly
1.7 emotive language
1.7.1 "destroying herself"
1.8 forceful and to the point
1.8.1 blunt "where you in love with her?"
1.8.2 answers his own questions
1.8.3 follows with more questions
2 Mr B
2.1 business minded
2.1.1 ""a hard headed, practical man of business" “we may look forward to a time when crofts and Birlings are no longer competing but are working together”
2.2 capitalsit
2.2.1 “a man has to make his own way”
2.2.2 “lower costs and higher prices”
2.2.3 “as if we were all mixed up together like bees in a hive”
2.2.4 “community and all that nonsense”
2.2.5 “ a man has to mind his own business and look out for himself and his own”
2.3 selfish
2.3.1 "a man has to make his own way"
2.4 reputation
2.4.1 "there'll be a public scandal- unless were lucky"
2.5 foolish
2.5.1 “the Germans don’t want war”
2.6 head of the family
2.6.1 "“just let me finish Eric”
2.6.2 status climber “we may look forward to a time when crofts and Birlings are no longer competing but are working together”
3 Mrs B
3.1 Mr B social superior
3.2 Proud
3.2.1 “I was the only one of you who didn’t give in to him” “you know of course that my husband was lord mayor only two years ago”
3.3 cruel
3.3.1 “I used my influence to have it refused”
3.4 prejudice
3.4.1 “as if a girl of that sort would ever refuse money!” “girls of that class”
3.5 sees her kids as kids
3.5.1 “he’s only a boy”
4 Eric
4.1 irresponsible
4.1.1 “I didn’t even remember – that’s the hellish thing”
4.2 unloved
4.2.1 “you don’t understand anything – you never did”
4.2.2 “you’re not the kind of father a chap could go to when he’s in trouble”
4.3 alcoholci
4.3.1 ‘I was in that state when a chap easily turns nasty.’
4.4 sensitive
4.4.1 “my god- I’m not likely to forget”
5 Sheila
5.1 strong minded
5.1.1 "I don't believe I will, so you be careful"
5.2 sharp
5.2.1 "he's giving us the rope so that we'll hang ourselves"
5.2.2 "probably between us we killed her"
5.3 selfish
5.3.1 "used the power you had.. to punish the girl"
5.4 younger generation
5.4.1 "squiffy"
5.5 childish @1st
5.5.1 "look mummy" realises she needs to break away "'I'm not a child!!
5.6 comfortable life style
5.6.1 "rather pleased with life and rather excitable"
5.7 moral
5.7.1 "but these girls aren't cheap labour - there people"
5.7.2 "ill never, never do it again"

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