GCSE English Language Overview

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An overview of the GCSE English Language Exam

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GCSE English Language Overview
1 Reading
1.1 Non-fiction texts
1.1.1 Analyse non-fiction texts
2 Speaking
2.1 Articulate
2.2 Body Language
2.3 Speaking & Listening
2.4 Content
3 Writing for purposes
3.1 Identify
3.1.1 Genre Purpose Style Audience
3.2 Writing to advise
3.2.1 Writing to argue Writing to inform
4 Critical Writing
4.1 Themes and ideas
4.2 Characters and Voices
4.3 Language for and structure
5 Creative Writing
5.1 Writing a narrative
5.1.1 Writing for print Writing a review Writing for web Writing for voice over Writing for autobiography
6 Spoken Language
6.1 Analyse Speece
6.2 Capture Speech
6.3 Identify and understand types of speech
7 Grammar & Spelling
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