Our Country's Good

Ben Robinson
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Mind Map on Our Country's Good, created by Ben Robinson on 04/18/2014.

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Ben Robinson
Created by Ben Robinson over 5 years ago
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Our Country's Good
1 The Play begins with three convicts being flogged, they express fear of the future
2 After that an aborigine sees the first ships arriving in Australia
2.1 The aborigine appears throughout making comments on the British in Australia
3 We are then introduced to the Captains of the boat who are shooting wildlife and discussing execution of prisoners
4 In his Tent Ralph is writing to his wife.
4.1 Harry enters feeling guilty about executing people
4.1.1 Harry claims to have seen a ghost of one of the convicts he has executed who was also a love rival
4.2 Ralph and Harry decide to put on a play
5 Auditions are held for the play and after a vote by the officers the play is allowed to happen
6 Whilst rehearsing the play we learn that one of the convicts Mary had slept with a sailor to survive the voyage. An argument breaks out regarding the play
7 Ralph is writing to his wife when the hangman Freeman walks in after a conversation about Freeman's crimes, Freeman begs to be in Ralphs play
8 Mary and one of the other convicts discuss the nature of the play
9 Full rehearsals begin however two of the cast don't turn up.
9.1 Rehearsals are interupted with news that two of the convicts have escaped
10 Whilst in Prison, those arrested for conspiracy of escape discuss their stories and plans for a second escape
11 Ralph wants to stop the play however is told he should continue. Captain Phillips wants to make a fool of the cast
12 Harry begins to be haunted by ghosts. The rehearsals continue with the prisoners being brought there by Ross
13 Liz is sentenced to execution for stealing food. As she is being measured Harry has a stroke
13.1 Harry dies with Duckling by his side
14 People refuse to act with Ketch Freeman as he will be the hangman in the execution
15 Ralph joins Mary reading her lines. They confess love for eachother
16 The officials decide not to execute Liz
17 Backstage at the play, some of the characters decide they want to escape whilst others plan to start a theatre company. The play begins to the sound of applause. THE END

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