Failure to function adequately

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Failure to function adequately
1 Unpredictability - behaviour that you would not expect in the present circumstance (e.g. committing suicide after failing your exams)
2 There a 6 Criteria that an individual 'shoul' have if they want to be seen as normal
3 These 6 criteria are used to measure how well an individual can function in society
4 The more criteria a person has = more likely to be seen as 'normal'
5 Irrationality - behaviour that cannot be explained in any rational way
6 Observer discomfort - any behaviour that cause discomfort to others
7 Peronal distress - being uncomfortable in your surroundings
8 Maladaptive behaviour - behaviour that stops someone from achieving life goals
9 Violation of moral + ideal standards - behaviour that violates society's moral standards
10 Limitations
10.1 Abnormality isn't always accompanied by dysfunction
10.1.1 some people may do abnormal activiities but still lead a normal life
10.2 Subjective nature of Rosenhann & seligman's components
10.2.1 problems in defining all of componants. Difficult to describe 'what is abnormal/ mormal behaviour'
11 Devised by Rosenhann & Seligman (1989)
12 Behaviour that stops you from living properly
13 Dysfunction can include problems with both work and personal relationships

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