Why did Wolsey fall?


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Why did Wolsey fall?
  1. Accused of Praemunire - Papal Legate in 1518, Legate for Life 1524
    1. Failures in Politics
      1. 1525 Amicable Grant
        1. 1529 Peace of Cambrai
          1. Anti-enclosure
            1. 1523 Parliament
            2. Correspondence with Charles and Francis - possible treason
              1. Anne Boleyn faction - Norfolk
                1. the Pope and the Sack of Rome - Campeggio and the attitude of Clement VII
                  1. Failure to get divorce
                    1. Unpopularity
                      1. baseborn
                        1. wealthy
                          1. arrogant
                            1. disliked by nobility
                            2. Henry now has an interest in politics
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