Factors that caused the Break with Rome - push/pull?


A Levels History (Henry VIII 1509-1540) Mind Map on Factors that caused the Break with Rome - push/pull?, created by Eva Clifton on 04/22/2014.
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Factors that caused the Break with Rome - push/pull?
  1. Pull
    1. St. Germain's idea of 'caesaro papism' - head of Church and State
      1. Henry's need to increase his revenue
        1. The Church was a very wealthy institution
          1. Henry's love for Anne Boleyn
            1. Henry's desire for power
              1. Anne Boleyn's refusal to be Henry's mistress
                1. Foxe and Cranmer's Colletinae Satis Copiosa
                2. Push
                  1. 'the Clergy be but half our subjects; ye and scarce our subjects' - Henry VIII
                    1. Henry's conscience
                      1. Henry's desire for a male heir
                        1. Catherine's miscarriages and 3 still births
                          1. Charles V's rejection in 1525 of marrying Princess Mary
                            1. France questioning Mary's legitimacy
                              1. the Pope being taken prisoner by Charles V in May 1527 (after the Sack of Rome)
                                1. Wolsey's position as Legate a Latere (legate for life) - failed to get a divorce as Legate
                                  1. Anne Boleyn is pregnant - December 1532
                                    1. The death of Archbishop Warham; replaced by Cranmer
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