Factors that caused the Break with Rome - push/pull?

Eva Clifton
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A Levels History (Henry VIII 1509-1540) Mind Map on Factors that caused the Break with Rome - push/pull?, created by Eva Clifton on 04/22/2014.

Eva Clifton
Created by Eva Clifton over 5 years ago
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Factors that caused the Break with Rome - push/pull?
1 Pull
1.1 St. Germain's idea of 'caesaro papism' - head of Church and State
1.2 Henry's need to increase his revenue
1.3 The Church was a very wealthy institution
1.4 Henry's love for Anne Boleyn
1.5 Henry's desire for power
1.6 Anne Boleyn's refusal to be Henry's mistress
1.7 Foxe and Cranmer's Colletinae Satis Copiosa
2 Push
2.1 'the Clergy be but half our subjects; ye and scarce our subjects' - Henry VIII
2.2 Henry's conscience
2.3 Henry's desire for a male heir
2.4 Catherine's miscarriages and 3 still births
2.5 Charles V's rejection in 1525 of marrying Princess Mary
2.6 France questioning Mary's legitimacy
2.7 the Pope being taken prisoner by Charles V in May 1527 (after the Sack of Rome)
2.8 Wolsey's position as Legate a Latere (legate for life) - failed to get a divorce as Legate
2.9 Anne Boleyn is pregnant - December 1532
2.10 The death of Archbishop Warham; replaced by Cranmer

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