why did fighting breakout in 1455?


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why did fighting breakout in 1455?
  1. Henry VI's failiers
    1. Couldn't control or unite the nobles
      1. A strong king could have ended the emnity between Y and S
        1. There had been weak kings
          1. Been a weak king for 20 years
            1. Responsable for the loss of the war
              1. Castor said he was "gentle" and "passive"
                1. Lost so much money he had to sell the crown jewels
                2. Emnity between Y and S
                  1. Y is heir to the throne
                    1. Boosted by public support
                    2. Somerset is made cheif advisor
                      1. York tries to remove him twice and fails
                        1. 1451 and 1452
                        2. Lost the 100 years war
                          1. Surrenderd Normandy without a fight
                        3. Made nobles choose sides
                          1. Causes York's reaction to Henry VI's illness
                            1. Causes mutual fear
                          2. 1454 - Henry VI's illness
                            1. "no king has been in such an impotent state scince 1066"
                              1. Provided a smooth transition of power
                                1. A great council is called to decide how to run the country
                                  1. York becomes protectorate
                                    1. Somerset is put in the tower of london
                                  2. Couldn't recognise his son
                                  3. 1453 - Defeat in France
                                    1. Shows how weak Henry and the Lancastrians are
                                      1. Angered the public
                                        1. Made Y hate S more
                                        2. 1554 - Henry VI's recovery
                                          1. Leads to Mutual fear
                                            1. Ends the smooth transition of power
                                              1. York has to resign
                                                1. Somerset is released
                                              2. 1455 - Mutual fear
                                                1. Lead directly to St Albans
                                                  1. Y and S feared attack
                                                    1. Somerset knew he would be killed if Henry VI fell ill again
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