Cultural differences in LTM

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Created by leonie1997 over 5 years ago
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Cultural differences in LTM
1 Mary Mullen 1994
1.1 700 Caucasian and Asian or Asian-American undergraduates
1.2 Pps describe their earliest memories (self-report study)
1.3 Asian and Asian American students' memories happened six months later than the Caucasian students memories
1.4 The next year Mullen repeated the study with Caucasian Americans and Native Koreans
1.5 She found an even bigger difference: nearly sixteen months separated the two.
2 Hayne 2002
2.1 Asian adults first memories were later than Caucasians'
2.2 57 months as compared with 42 months
2.3 But she also found that the Maori adults' memories reached even further back, to 32 months.
2.4 As children we encode our memory of events as we talk over those events with the adults in our life.
2.5 The more those adults encourage us to spin an elaborate tale, the more likely we are to remember details about the event later.

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