New Weapons

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1 Aircraft Development
1.1 On the Western Front, both sides used planes and balloons to find enemy weak points
1.2 The Germans used Zeppelins to carry out bombing raids
1.3 1915 - new planes included synchronised machine guns where on man could fly and shoot the gun
1.4 Both sides developed planes for long-distance bombing raids
1.4.1 May 1917 - 71 people were killed at Folkestone
2 Tanks
2.1 Tracks on tanks allowed soldiers to cover rough ground and through barbed wire, and they where heavily armoured
2.2 Development of tactics:
2.2.1 Battle of the Somme 1916 - First tank use, Haig sent in 49 tanks, captured 2km of German territory but couldn't hold on to it
2.2.2 Cambrai 1917 - More successful, 500 tanks, captured 6km of land but, again, couldn't hold it
3 Poison Gas
3.1 Germans firstly used chlorine gas which killed many at the Second battle of Ypres
3.1.1 The British used it later on but some gas blew back on themselves
3.1.2 Disadvantage of being highly visible
3.2 Germans used phosgene in 1915 - it was invisible and deadly, but slow-acting
3.3 Mustard gas caused horrible blisters and internal bleeding
3.4 Gas became a standard weapon, but not a war-winning one
3.4.1 Masks, pads and helmets were used as countermeasures
4 Creeping Barrage
4.1 Tactic - an advancing curtain of artillery fire preceding the advancing infantry
4.2 First used at the Battle of the Somme
4.3 It was difficult and dangerous as it depended on precise timing
4.3.1 When the barrage outpaced the infantry, the gap between them allowed the Germans to re-emerge and man their positions If the infantry moved too fast, they ran into their own shellfire

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