Theory consolidation


A level Sociology (Research methods) Mind Map on Theory consolidation, created by Joy Lewry on 02/28/2017.
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Theory consolidation
  1. Feminism
    1. Sociology studies should be on a smaller scale as to build a rapport between client and researcher - avoids 'malestream'
      1. The point of sociology is that it is bias - you get a better understanding of the study, therefore it is not value free.
        1. Interviews would be a preferred method as a rapport is then built on a personal level.
          1. Some may argue there is too much bias in the interest of avoiding 'malestream'.
    2. Realism
      1. Society is a form of open science, whilst natural science is closed science. Therefore sociology and psychology can be considered sciences.
        1. Sociology should be value free, just as any other science should be value free. Gives the most reliable results.
          1. Questionnaires - gain the most quantitative results.
            1. Realism is a contested concept and interpreted in different ways.
      2. Interpretivism
        1. Sociology should be on a smaller scale, so the data is valid. Too complex to be a science.
          1. Since the studies of a qualitative method are on a smaller scale, they will not be value free.
            1. Unstructured observationsare a good method of qualitative data.
              1. Lacks scientific rigour. Lack of reliability. Too subjective and value laden.
        2. Positivism
          1. Sociology is a science - it can and should follow the same procedures as natural science.
            1. Studies should be value free as studying humans is a form of science. Preference of quantitative data.
              1. Structured observations is a method of quantitative data, allows value free results.
                1. Too scientific and gives little reason for trends that are spotted.
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