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1 Construction Drawings
1.1 Location Plan
1.1.1 Identifies the location of the proposed new building
1.1.2 Scale - 1:1250
1.1.3 Direction arrow: north
1.2 Site Plan
1.2.1 Shows site boundary
1.2.2 Scale - 1:200
1.3 Floor Plan
1.3.1 A type of sectional view
1.3.2 Arrangement of rooms
1.3.3 Scale - 1:50
1.4 Building Symbols


2 Sections, Assemblies and Exploded Views
2.1 Cutting Planes
2.1.1 Where the object has been sliced
2.1.2 Direction of viewing is indicated by the arrows
2.2 Sectional View
2.2.1 Part of the object behind the arrows is removed and the sectional view is left
2.3 Cross-Hatching
2.3.1 Section is cross-hatched at 45 degrees, with the lines 5mm apart
2.4 Exploded Views
2.4.1 Parts should be exploded along an axis or plane that connects them
2.4.2 Should be a clear space between each part
3 Pictorial Drawing Techniques
3.1 Isometric
3.1.1 Project back a 30 degrees on both sides
3.2 Planometric
3.2.1 Project back at 45 degrees Or 30 degrees Or 60 degrees
3.2.2 Drawing is usually inside a box
3.3 Oblique
3.3.1 Project back at 45 degrees

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