A Curious Incident of the Dog(e) in the Nighttime

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High School IB English L&L HL (Paper 2) Mind Map on A Curious Incident of the Dog(e) in the Nighttime, created by askekjaer on 04/28/2014.

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Created by askekjaer over 5 years ago
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A Curious Incident of the Dog(e) in the Nighttime
1 Themes
1.1 Independence
1.2 Self-Discovery
1.3 Lies and Deception
1.4 Individual Vs. Society
2 Genre
2.1 Bildungsroman (Coming of age)
2.1.1 Christopher leans to adapt
2.2 Detective Novel
2.2.1 Limited 1st Person Perspective Observational Tendencies
2.2.2 Crime/Mystery Elements. Discovery is central to the novel
2.3 Drama
2.3.1 Life-changing events
2.4 Occasional Humourous elements
2.5 Children's Story?
3 Context
3.1 Haddon is an Atheist
3.2 Haddon used to work with Autistic Children
3.2.1 Autism is not a theme, but rather a narrative tool Observational Tendencies
4 Style and Structure
4.1 Illustrations, Drawings
4.1.1 Alternative view of the world -> Link to Autism?
4.2 Language is very childish and train of thought-y. Lacks Punctuation and connectives
4.2.1 Language tends to be very matter-of-fact and observational, different from peers and adults
4.2.2 Flowing tangents, weird links
4.3 Consious Narrative (Diary form)
4.4 Contains elements of both direct and indirect speech

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