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Cognitive Neuroscience (Midterm) Mind Map on Attention, created by Allison Sonia on 03/07/2017.

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Allison Sonia
Created by Allison Sonia over 2 years ago
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Feature Integration Theory
1 Cortical Attention
2 Sub-cortical attention
2.1 The thalamus: The V1 connects to and from the perigeniculate nucleus. Top-down, the feedback from the visual cortex acts on the thalamus
3 Attention Disorders
3.1 Spatial Neglect
3.1.1 Vision is fine but cannot attend to one half of the visual field
3.2 Neuropsychological Tests of attention
3.2.1 Bisecting lines task
3.2.2 Eye-tracking: gaze bias
3.2.3 Test of extinction
3.2.4 Drawing of common objects
3.3 Bálint's syndrome
3.3.1 Simultaneous agnostic: The inability to perceive simultaneous events or objects in one's visual field
3.3.2 Oculomotor apraxia: The inability to voluntarily guide eye movements
3.3.3 Optic ataxia: The inability to guide the hand toward an object using visual information
3.4 Blindsight
3.4.1 Vision without awareness, damage to visual cortex, can still identify some visual attributes of stimulus reported as "Not seen"