English: Julius Caesar

Lewis White
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National 5 English (Julius Caesar) Mind Map on English: Julius Caesar, created by Lewis White on 05/09/2013.

Lewis White
Created by Lewis White over 6 years ago
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English: Julius Caesar
1 Act 1
1.1 Scene 1
1.1.1 People are roaming the streets praising Caesar Flavius and Murellus question what they are doing They say it is a holiday as Caesar has defeated Pompei They question why they are doing this as not long ago they where praising Pompei This shows that the crowd can be easily turned The crowd leaves and they speak of removing posters of Caesar This shows that Flavius and Murellus are part of the conspiricy against Caesar
1.2 Scene 2
1.2.1 Cassius asks to speak to Brutus He talks of how Brutus deserves to be King and not Caesar This shows that Cassius is jealous of Caesar and his power They hear the crowd shouting in the distance Brutus says that he hopes they are not excepting Caesar as king This shows that Brutus does not want Caesar as king Cassius catches onto this and starts talking of how he had to save Caesar from drowning and how he had look after jim he was ill and yet he is above Cassius Cassius asks Casca to talk to them when the parade is passing by Meanwhile Caesar is telling Antony to watch Cassius They ask what the shouts were for and he said it was Caesar being offered the crown. The crowds cheering was what they heard. Cassius asks Brutus to join the conspiritors and Brutus asks for some time to think This shows that Cassius is clever as he makes Brutus consider killing his best friend
1.3 Scene 3
1.3.1 Casca is wimpering about seeing weird things to Cicero Cicero leaves and Cassius enters Casca tells Cassius about these things and Cassius says it is because Caesar is almost emperor Cassius offers a place for Casca with the conspiritors and Casca excepts This shows that Cassius is clever by using this to turn Casca to their side
2 Act 2
2.1 Scene 1
2.1.1 Brutus is debating with himself whether he is going to kill Caesar His wife, Portia, comes out to ask him what is troubling him His servant says that some men (the conspiritors) are outside asking for him Brutus tells the conspiritors that he will join them
2.2 Scene 2
3 Act 3
3.1 Scene 1
3.2 Scene 2
3.3 Scene 3
4 Act 4
4.1 Scene 1
4.2 Scene 2
4.3 Scene 3
5 Act 5
5.1 Scene 1
5.2 Scene 2
5.3 Scene 3
5.4 Scene 4
5.5 Scene 5

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