Why did the Weimar Republic fail by 1933?


Essay plan on fall of Weimar 1933 Information taken from: http://www.breadalbane.pkc.sch.uk/dept/History/Fall%20of%20Weimar.pdf
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Why did the Weimar Republic fail by 1933?
  1. Inevitable because of the circumstances of 1918-19
    1. Unemployment
      1. Treaty of Versailles
        1. Communist and Right Wing Threats
        2. Appeal of Hitler and the Nazis
          1. Link to economic problems and Versailles
            1. Hitler as an orator
              1. Goebbels and Hugenburg
                1. Intimidation
                2. Weaknesses of the constitution
                  1. Proportional representation
                    1. Article 48
                    2. Weaknesses of the existing Political Parties
                      1. SPD
                        1. Liberals
                          1. Conservatives
                            1. Communists
                            2. Survival of the Traditional ruling Class
                              1. Ebert/Groener Pact
                                1. Industrialists Prosper
                                  1. Secret Rearmament
                                    1. Conspiracy
                                    2. Economic problems
                                      1. War and Post War
                                        1. Reparations
                                          1. Inflation
                                            1. Unsolved problems 1924-9
                                              1. Depression
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