Research Plan

Alan Paulson
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Alan Paulson
Created by Alan Paulson over 2 years ago
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Research Plan
1 Physical research
1.1 How much space do I need for the light to fit?
1.2 where is the nearest mains?
1.3 Themes of the room?
1.3.1 will this affect the materials used?
1.4 does it fit with the layout of the room?
1.4.1 does it interfere with furniture?
1.5 distance from other pieces of furniture?
2 Client research
2.1 what sort of characters does she like?
2.1.1 cartoons?
2.1.2 games?
2.2 what themes?
2.2.1 futuristic?
2.2.2 natural?
2.3 The shape?
2.4 special awareness?
3 product analysis
3.1 The picture above is the current lighting component
3.1.1 too simple cones?
3.1.2 no sense of personalisation
3.1.3 advantages the direction of light can be changed
3.2 This picture a ready-made light from the internet
3.2.1 advantages? different colours good quality
3.2.2 disadvantages? too small batteries need to be changed?
4 Anthropometric
4.1 What height should I keep my light?
4.1.1 will this make the user more comfortable?
4.1.2 is it easy to turn on and does it shine into the users eyes?
4.1.3 standing?
4.1.4 sitting?
4.2 Would the client need to be able to access the lighting component?
5 sustainablility
5.1 how can I save the materials used?
5.1.1 layout/ usage of components?
5.2 can the materials be recycled?
5.3 what materials can I use?
5.4 is it easy to use?
5.4.1 less wastage?
5.5 reuse, reduce, recycle?
6 lighting/ component research
6.1 is it bright enough?
6.2 is it costly?
6.3 can it change colour?
6.3.1 disco lights?
6.4 does it allow personalisation?
6.5 what types of lighting can I use?
6.6 is there a risk of a hazard occurring?