Functions of Fats and Oils

Becca Westwell
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GCSE Food Technology Mind Map on Functions of Fats and Oils, created by Becca Westwell on 11/30/2014.

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Functions of Fats and Oils
1 Required to aerate food.
1.1 When fat is creamed with sugar it helps trap air.
2 Helps extend the shelf life of baked products.
2.1 The fat helps the product keep its moisture.
2.1.1 E.g. Muffins
3 Adds distinct flavours and odours to food.
3.1 E.g. Biscuits
4 Acts as cooking medium for roasting foods.
4.1 E.g. Chicken
5 Add a flaky texture to pastry.
5.1 The fats help to separate layers by creating steam.
6 Adds colour and shine to food.
6.1 E.g. Scones
7 Oils form an emulsion with liquids such as vinegar.
7.1 E.g. Salad dressings.
8 Prevents lumps of flour forming in a sauce.
8.1 E.g. Parsley sauce.
9 Gives shortening ability to a mixture and changes the texture.
9.1 Fats give shortbread its characteristic crumbly and short texture.
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