Functions of Ingredients in a Cake

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GCSE Food Technology Mind Map on Functions of Ingredients in a Cake, created by Becca Westwell on 11/29/2014.

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Functions of Ingredients in a Cake
1 Fat
1.1 Holds tiny air bubbles.
1.1.1 Creates texture.
1.1.2 Creates volume.
1.2 Adds colour.
1.3 Adds flavour.
1.4 (Particularly butter and margerine.)
1.5 Increases shelf life.
1.6 Produces a cake with a short crumb or a rich texture.
2 Sugar
2.1 With fat, helps hold air in a mixture.
2.2 Increases volume.
2.3 Sweetens and adds flavour.
2.4 Holds the fat in an emulsion.
3 Eggs
3.1 Contain albumin.
3.1.1 When beaten traps air to a foam. Adding air to the mixture.
3.1.2 A protein.
3.2 Hold fat in an emulsion once they have been beaten.
3.3 The yolk contains lecithin.
3.3.1 Helps to keep the emulsion stable.
3.4 Help hold air.
3.5 Add colour.
3.6 Add flavour.
3.7 Increase volume.
4 Flour
4.1 Forms the main structure.
4.2 Soft flour has a low gluten content therefore gives a soft and tender crumb.
4.3 Can also be a raising agent: self raising flour.
5 Raising Agents
5.1 Alters texture.
5.2 Produces a gas which expands on heating.
5.3 Makes cakes light and airy.
5.4 Needs to bee mixed evenly through the other ingredients.
6 Liquids
6.1 Produce steam to help mixture rise.
6.2 Combines with protein in flour to form gluten.
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