How are health priority issues for Australia's health identified?

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How are health priority issues for Australia's health identified?
1 1. Measuring health status
1.1 1.1 Role of Epidemiology
1.1.1 Evidence based understanding of curent health issues
1.1.2 Informed decisions to be made - resource allocation, government funding, action plans for present/future needs
1.1.3 Monitoing health status > emerging trends and issues identified early
1.1.4 Patterns of disease - age, gender, ethnicity, SES
1.1.5 Identifies areas of need > prevention and treatment
1.1.6 Limitations Statistical/objective - collate info but doesn't explain why Can't explain why inequalities exist Can't determine contribution of determinants on influencing rates and trends
1.1.7 Who uses? Gov Academics Health services Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries
1.2 1.2 Measures of Epidemiology
1.2.1 Mortality -
1.2.2 Inflant Mortality -
1.2.3 Morbidity +
1.2.4 Life Expectancy +
1.2.5 Why - ? Medical tech Education Healthier lifestyles + QOL Inequities reducing National strategies e.g. sun exposure, smoking, PA, drink driving
2 2. Identifying Priority Health Issues (SPPPCC)
2.1 2.1 SJP
2.1.1 Equity
2.1.2 Diversity
2.1.3 Supportive Environment
2.1.4 Medicare & PBS
2.2 2.2 Priority Population Groups
2.2.1 Inequities Identifying risk groups Targete Gov HC funding & HP to reduce prevalnce
2.3 2.3 Prevalence of Condition
2.3.1 Commonness of condition Morbidity stats Hospitalisations Health surveys
2.3.2 Difference for same condition Mortality V morbidity
2.3.3 Gov identifies reasons
2.3.4 AUS burdens cancer CVD mental Injury
2.4 2.4 Potential for Prevention and Early Intervention
2.4.1 Behavioural and environmental modifications Food Exercise Alcohol Smoking Stress
2.4.2 Resources Smoking Hypertension Obesity
2.5 2.5 Costs to the Individual and Community
2.5.1 Individual Direct medication/hospital Job loss Travel Indirect Emotional trauma Absenteeism QOL -
2.5.2 Community Costs Direct Hospitals Medicare pharmaceutical use Indirect work productivity - absenteeism replacing workers

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