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1 Romans in Britian
1.1 Ad 43 Claudius Invades
1.1.1 Britian was declared a Roman Province Romans enforced laws and Roman Taxes and peace firmly and brutally all around Britain Some British Rulers chose to become allies and dependants on Rome (Cogidubnus)... ......But others resisted Romans bitterly but unsuccesfully When Claudius died and Nero took over things become ruthless! Heads on Poles in Colchester as warning!
2 Boudica was wife to King Prasutagus
2.1 Queen of the Iceni (tribe who lived in East Anglia)
2.1.1 Iceni Tribe wanted revenge! They raised a rebellion in AD 60
2.2 When King died, his land and property were confiscated by Romans
2.2.1 Boudica flogged and her daughters raped
3 Colchester
3.1 Boudica and The Iceni overran the city of Colchester
3.1.1 Massacre!
3.1.2 Temple Destroyed!
3.1.3 Thousands killed! Slaughter
3.1.4 Romans hid in Temple of Claudius for two days and were then eventually killed
3.1.5 Head of Claudius (statue) was hatched and thrown in river
3.1.6 Burnt the whole city
3.1.7 Even today, in soil is a layer of debris and destruction in the city!
3.2 Colchester was left unatended because the romans were battling the Druids
4 Ambushed 9th Legion in the Forest using Gorilla tactic!
4.1 Romans finally heard about her!
4.1.1 Idea of being beaten by women = shameful for Romans
4.1.2 Romans had to beat her and stop her But were being slow to react and getting to London
5 Destroyed St Albans too!
6 London
6.1 People knew she was coming and tried to flee
6.1.1 Destruction Slaughter Massacre
6.1.2 Cockiness of the Iceni
6.1.3 Women were tortured
6.2 Chariot used as battle taxi: people hop on and off
7.1 Romans outnumbered 20 to 1
7.1.1 Still won because of skill and training!
8 Boudica fascinated all...
8.1 The Romans: women who brought them to their knees, would never happen for roman women to have power
8.1.1 Regarded as unnatural to have power, however, many many women had power and equality in Britain and in Tribes
9 She would pray to Pagan Spirits before battles to bring her courage,strengh and force
10 Killed herself by driniking poison
10.1 Could be buried at Kings Cross
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