Promotional Packaging

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Promotional Packaging
1 Key Terms
1.1 Primary Packaging
1.1.1 packaging that protects the product and gives key information about the storage and the contents
1.2 Secondary Packaging
1.2.1 Packaging that contains the actual product and gives detailed information to the consumer. This is usually made of card/ plastic with bright printed graphics giving detailed information to the consumer, such as legal requirements
2 Packaging Problems
2.1 Today, packaging is a big, multi billion pound industry
2.2 Packaging is made to persuade people to buy a product. People are often persuaded if packaging looks professional/ fancy.
2.3 The most common material is plastic- non-renewable resource of oil and so it is difficult to recycle this and often ends up in a landfill site.
2.3.1 This makes the whole process VERY environmentally harmful
2.3.2 The 2 functions of packaging are: To protect the product To promote the product Primary & secondary packaging (look at key terms for definitions)
2.3.3 Sustainability
2.3.4 Recycling Biodegradeble
2.3.5 Disposal
2.3.6 Waste hiarchy pyramid helps to become aware of clever environmentally packaging design
2.4 Eco-friendly solutions
2.4.1 Many manufacturers are now becoming aware of the materials of packaging, & the effects they can have on the fragile environment Paper/Card are a better option than plastics as can be recycled. Something called 'PaperFoam' is also often used
3 Internet Sources
4 5 main reasons for packaging (SIPPP)
4.1 Stacking & Storage
4.2 Information
4.3 Protect
4.4 Preserve
4.5 Promote
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