The Dumas 1906-14

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The Dumas 1906-14
1 The First Duma
1.1 Broad franchise, SR's + Bolsheviks boycotted elections.
1.2 Largest group: Trudoviks (radicals) - Kadets - The Progressivists (liberal middle class business men).
1.3 All groups wanted further reform e.g. land/amnesty.
1.4 Dissolved only 72 days later by the Tsar. Only 2 resolutions passed: one against capital punishment + one in favour of famine relief.
2 The Vyborg Manifesto
2.1 Frustrated by the dissolution, a group of Duma deputies issued the Manifesto, asking the Russian people to resist the Tsar's action through non-payment of taxes. This backfired + 200 deputies who made the manifesto were banned from standing for the next Duma.
3 The Second Duma
3.1 No. of Kadets halved b/c banned due to Manifesto.
3.2 SRs + SDs gained seats.
3.3 Only lasted 3 months + sharply criticised the admin of the army + this angered Tsar + supporters.
3.3.1 Police framed radical members for trying to encourage mutinies - Tsar given perfect excuse to dissolve the Duma.
4 The Third and Fourth Dumas
4.1 Franchise restricted to the richest 30% of the male population.
4.1.1 Pro govt parties performed well winning 287/443 seats
4.2 Stolypin used this to push through further land reforms.
5 Successes and Failures
5.1 Land Captains (1892) replaced by justices of the peace.
5.2 Introduction of a plan to have universal primary education within 10 yrs.
5.3 Health + accident insurance programmes for workers.

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