Amazon Rainforest

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Amazon Rainforest
1 one ecosystem; processes, benefits for people, impact on human activity and management.
1.1 Effects of rainforest destruction
1.1.1 Change in Bio-diversity- removal of plants and animals
1.1.2 Change in Hydrology- the water cycle is disrupted without the trees interception and transpiration are disrupted, water and silt pour into rivers causing them to flood
1.1.3 Change in soils. Soils are easily eroded and rain removes nutrients from the soil via surface-runoff and leaching. The soil becomes infertile and there is gullying and mud slides on steep slopes.
1.1.4 Change in Climate. Transpiration is reduced and evaporation increases. This leads to a dryer climate. Deforestation leads to Global Warming because trees use up carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and this leads to global warming
2.1 The Water Cycle in the Amazon Rainforest.
2.1.1 the forest acts as a store of water in between rainfall events
2.1.2 after a rainstorm is is said that 80% of the rainfall is transferred back to the atmosphere by evaporation and transpiration
2.1.3 Indigenous tribes live in the rainforest
2.2 Convectional Rainfall
3 Key Facts
3.1 it is located in South America. with countries like Brazil, Colombia and Peru bordering it.
3.2 it is 5.5 million square kilometres in size
3.3 the land is mainly used for grazing cattle and growing soya beans
3.4 it is estimated that more than 1/3rd of all species line the amazon rainforest.
4 How Does the economic ativity change the ecosystem
4.1 the removal of trees is called deforestation this is happening in the amazon
4.2 the timber industry is responsible for providing wood for paper, furniture and hew houses. this has caused large scale destruction as vehicles and machinery drive through the forest
4.3 Slash and Burn. Subsistence farmers clear the forest by burning. after 3 or 4 years of farming the soil becomes infertile and another patch of the forest is cleared
4.4 Cattle ranching for beef. Grazing animals damages the forest and after about 10 years of overgrazing the rain turns the land into a semi-desert
4.5 iron-ore mining at Carajas in Amazonia has destroyed the forest
4.6 Hydro-electric schemes like the Tucuri dam in Brazil has led to the destruction of the rainforest